Saturday, February 23, 2019

British & European Car Day 2019...(4).

LHD Triumph TR3 leaves the event.

One of the most stylish cars to come out of Britain.
The Rover 3.5 Coupe.
The 3 litre coupe was a nice car, but the addition of the V8 engine and those Rostyle wheels made it almost perfect.

Beautiful 1956 Mk 1 Ford Zephyr.
When I was a kid, my dad had one of these in this same colour.

Jaguar's E type is a British icon.

1939 MG TB in an unusual colour.

Later Jaguar sports models never had quite the same impact as the original E types.

The Fiat 500 was a common town run-about, but have now become quite rare and almost unaffordable.
This is a "D" model with its rear hinged doors.

2000 Bentley Arnage Turbo has conservative, but pleasing lines.

Sunbeam, Austin, Vauxhall, Ford.

To many, the 993 version of Porsche's 911, was the ultimate model.
It was the last to be powered by the Porsche flat six in air-cooled form.

Humber 80 series 3b is a re-badged version of the Hillman Minx. Both models were sold in NZ.
The Singer Gazelle, on the right, is a later development of the same body with 1600cc engine (as opposed to 1500) and 13 inch wheels (as opposed to 15 inch). The body has a more modern look with its less pronounced rear wings and the loss of the wrap around rear screen.

1955 Humber 80 is also a re-badged version of the Hillman Minx of that time.
This is a 1955 model which should have the 1390cc engine, but I see this example is listed as 1440cc.

1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II  looks similar as the Silver Cloud I, but has the 6230cc V8 engine.

Fiat X1/9 was a superb little mid-engine sports car.
I worked for a Fiat dealer when these came out and a drive of the very first one to arrive.
I remember being impressed by the excellent handling.

1956 Ford Zephyr Mk 2.
'56 was the first year of the Mk 2 with its 2553cc 6 cylinder engine, enlarged from the Mk1s 2262cc.

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