Monday, February 25, 2019

Art Deco, Napier, 2019...(5).

1930 Chtysler 77 Roadster with two passengers in the "dickey seat".

1937 Morris Eight.
I can remember a lot of these being on the road.

1933 Plymouth Coupe.
It was a hot day hence the number of cars with windscreens open.

Another 1930 Ford Model A.
This time a Fordor.

Later 30s cars have much more rounded style.
A De Soto sedan from 1939.

1929 Chevrolet National....

...followed by a 1928 Essex Super 6. 

1934 Alvis Saloon.

1930 Chevrolet AD.

1930 Chrysler CJ.

And another Model A.
A 1929 Tourer.

1937 Chevrolet Master.

1928 Austin Seven.

A 1930 Austin Seven Swallow.
Swallow began by making sidecars, then moved on to making sport models of everyday cars (like this one).
Next they built their own cars under the name SS and then finally changed their products name to the more familiar Jaguar,
which explains the rego plate on this one.

1936 Riley Tourer.

1934 Talbot Tourer.

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