Sunday, April 24, 2016

More from WA.

Some more pics from Steve in Perth.
I never seen so many 748cc Renault 4CVs all in one place.

Toyopet Corona 1600S is a rarity.
I saw one of these for sale in Wellington when I first started my apprenticeship in a Toyota garage.
I wanted it, but couldn't afford the asking price at the time.

Jensen's C-V8  was the forerunner to the beautiful Interceptor.
It is an in-your-face style, but I actually quite like it.
The C-V8 is powered by Chrysler's 360ci V8.
Holden HK Premier has whitewalls, spats and venetians.
'55 Chev Bel Air.
Bentley tourer, I'm sure, would be worth more than I will ever be able to afford.

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