Saturday, April 23, 2016

From the Other Side Of The Tasman.

My mate, Steve, in WA recently posted these pics on facebook from Shannon's Whiteman Park Auto Classic in Perth. My apologies if you have already seen them on facebook.
Nice Volkswagen Type 2.
Without windows it would be termed a Transporter.
Just as cool from the front and are they real Porsche 911S wheels or replicas.
Interior looks fairly standard apart from up graded seating.
Bus or motor home based on the Austin K model.
Austin has a long gear lever reaching forward over the engine housing and a big mechanical handbrake lever.
This style of Dodge cab we saw in New Zealand as a ute (pick up) but Australia had them in heavy duty models.
Nice two tone Chev with modern mirrors is from around mid 1940s.
International KB5 from the 1940s.
Austin tow truck is a similar model to what our local Borough Council used in the 1960s.
1948 White Super Power is typical of American trucks of that period.
Long bonnet and small narrow cab.
1950 Austin K2 Loadstar.
Steve informs that Mercedes-Benz buses like this were the backbone of public transport in Perth when he arrived there some 40 years ago.
Very tidy Fiat 662.
Humber military truck.
1946 Dodge has a similar front to Chev and Ford of same period.
1963 Studebaker Champ.
1940s Chevrolet tower truck is in similar livery to bus shown earlier.
I wonder if it was used to service trolley bus lines.

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