Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ANZAC Day ride.

No disrespect to the ANZACs, but Monday was the last day of rego before I put my bike to bed for the winter, so a ride was in order. Basically I rode to Taihape and back. About 400kms.
Spotted this 1952 Austin A125 Sheerline in the car park at the northern end of the Manawatu Gorge.
I was fortunate to get this photo of it alone, as it was actually ..........
.....sharing the park with several hundred other cars, but was parked at the end of the row.
I stayed off the main road as much as possible, going through Cheltenham, Kimbolton and Rangiwahia and emerging out on SH 1 for lunch under the wing of the DC3 at Mangaweka.
After lunch I rode up to Taihape and back and turned off just south of Utiku and followed the road through to join up with the road I went north on, just east of Mangaweka.
This short section of road, I have never been on before and was impressed with the scenery, enhanced by the autumn colours.
Back on the Mangaweka to Cheltenham road again and heading home.
With now over 180,000kms on the clock the BMW is still purring along as well as the day I bought it in 1986.
Passing through Woodville I had to stop to take on a little bit of what this MAN rig was delivering.

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