Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WWA Finale

A few final pics from Wheels With Attitude.
'58 Ford in two door form was stock standard as far as I could tell.
I once owned a Datsun 1200 sedan, but the coupes were more desirable, rarer and more expensive.
The 100 series Commers were the last model trucks to wear the Commer badge in NZ.
This one from 1976.
1949 Huimber ambulance is actually built on a Pullman chassis.
Pullmans were a little larger than the Super Snipe, but did use the same running gear.
I really like the Rootes Group cars from this era. My first car was a '63 Rapier, but the sedans like this '64 Gazelle were just as desirable to me. I would even go as far as to say they look better than the later slab-sided Hunter.
Austin A50 from 1957 and a 4 year newer A55.
Volvo made some nice looking cars until that went all square and boxy.
My dad had a Mark 1 Zephyr, but traded up to a Mark 2 before I learned to drive.
'55 model.
Very sharp Chrysler Valiant Ranger Ute from 1978.
Ford in the 70s were well represented on NZ roads with models like this '74 Cortina and the smaller '78 Escort.
WWA was attended by a large group of MX5 Mazdas.
My wife particularly liked this red example and I have promised I will get her one as soon as we get that Lotto win.
And how could I resist a snap of a smart Morris 1000.

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