Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Whilst passing through Woodville on the way back from Wheels With Attitude, I was surprised to see this Flxible Clipper which had been converted to a motor home.
Although many were used by Ansair in Australia, who built them under licence for themselves and other users, this one is an American model which has been converted to RHD.
The entry door is still on the RH side.
This example was "born" in 1953, same as me, but my wife says I look in better condition.
My reply to that was.  "Ït still runs, I don't !"
Rego records show the power plant as being an 8300cc diesel. I didn't hear it running, but the only common engine that comes close to that, by my calculations, is the 504 Cummins, but if anyone knows for certain, please enlighten me. 
The Flexible Sidecar Company originally made flexible sidecars, so called because they leaned when the bike leaned into a corner. When sidecars went out of favour, due mostly to the availability of inexpensive cars ( like Ford's model T) they registered their name as "Flxible"and began producing bodies,  like hearses and ambulances, on supplied chassis.
Later they took over the old FageolTwin Coach bus company and buses became their main income.
Over the years they had several owners (including Grumman), but eventually went bankrupt in 1996.

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