Saturday, February 7, 2015

Info from Paul

Paul has e-mailed and let me know that the tank I pictured at Wings Over Wairarapa is a Stuart which is apparently powered by a radial aircraft engine.
He also informed me that Ansair Clippers were powered by 4 different motors. Leyland, Deutz (Ansair were Deutz agents) GM 4-71 and the 510 Perkins. The one I saw was an American built model, so I'm guessing it probably didn't use the British Leyland or the European Deutz, though I've been wrong before. The GM 4-71 only equates to 4654cc, but the 510 Perkins does come out at 8359ccs so perhaps that's what was powering it. But then that is a British company too and I would have thought they would have been more likely to use an American motor. So the jury is still out.
Here is a picture of the preserved Ansair Clipper at the Founder's Museum in Nelson
This photo by Peter Rendall is from the Omnibus Society site.

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