Monday, February 9, 2015

British Vehicle Day 2015 (Part Two)

You have to admire the lines of an XK8 Jaguar.
An unusual badge on a Vauxhall.
Vagabond was the Australian convertible version of the Velox.
Very rare.
A threesome of Sunbeam Tigers.
I can't imagine how they were even driveable on the original 5.90x13 cross-ply tyres.
I had quite a long chat with the owner of the blue one, who told me that the economy is not as bad as you would think if you just cruise, but start using full throttle and things change very rapidly.
1952 Austin Sheerline.
Although Austin is probably remembered more for its affordable family cars, there was nearly always a bigger "luxury"model in the range.
1937 Austin Ten in convertible form.
The P5 Rovers looked so much better with the Rostyle wheels and went a lot better too with the Buick derived V8 under the bonnet.
They looked even better still as coupes.
This almost matching pair, both had appropriate personalized rego plates.
Not often you see 4 of the fastback Sunbeam Rapiers and yet they were reasonably common in their day.
The owner of the  blue sunbeam Tiger, mentioned earlier, previously owned the red Rapier.
The Riley One-Point-Five was basically a badge engineered Wolseley 1500 although there were some cosmetic differences and the Riley produced a little more power with its twin SUs. Both were meant as replacements for the Morris Minor, but the less powerful and better handling Morrie was preferred by the public.
The car behind, of course, is a Riley Elf. One of the many variations of the Mini.
The red MG Magnette is a '56 model that I've snapped before at Cruise Martinborough.
Good to see it in partnership with a '58 model.
I think the 1935 Morris 12/4 is quite a handsome car for its day.
I especially love that front screen ''air-conditioning"
My late father only ever owned one new car in his whole life. It was a Morris 8 series E.
This is a 1949 model. I can't remember what year my dad's was, but it was a four door and painted a rather staid fawn shade.
The Jowett display included this Bradford estate and a Javelin saloon.
L type Vauxhall and H type....
......PA, PB, and E type and a red PC I cut out of the frame.

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