Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shannon Car Show 2015 Episode 2.

I wonder if this dog lives the life of Riley?
Immaculately prepared  '37 Ford "Woody" built on the light truck cowl assembly rather than the more familiar sedan based models.. 
This Triumph 2000 estate is actually a Mk 2 despite the Mk 1 tailights.
Mk 2 estates were based on the Mk 1 body and were therefore shorter than the equivalent saloon.
Nice to see a '57 Chev Bel Air with original wheels and trims.
EH Holdens used to be on the roads in thousands, but rare to see a tidy one these days.
'65 Chev pick up was my kind of truck.
Interesting to note that AP5s (like this one) AP6s and the occassional VC Chrysler Valiants are popular preservations, but one rarely sees a VE or VF.
Did Cadillac copy Volvo with the vertical rear widow or vice-versa.
Fairly standard looking Ford Cortina estate, apart from the mag wheels. but....
...under the bonnet there are four carburettors attached to the push-rod cross-flow.
'54 Ford Customline sedan looked the part and even carried an original Carless Day sticker on the windscreen above the rego.
Jaguar 3.8 manual looks a bit aggressive with the cutaway rear guards and Minilite wheels. 
Ford Prefect tudor...hmmmm.

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