Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vintage Harvest 2014 (4)

McCormick-Deerings in petrol and diesel variants.
From the days when there was no need to rush.
International with big bucket.
Front view of the 1955 Thames shown in a previous blog.
Garrity Brothers' very nice 1937 Chev.
1929 Pontiac 6.
1925 Chev Superior was earning its keep carting barley to the threshing machine.
Clever little Fordson model made from Meccano and in correct colours.
The same modeller also scratch built this D8 (?) in about 900 hours....
...and this Meccano Farmall, also in correct livery.
Carefully restored 1930 Austin seven.
In the car park was this awesome 1973 Jensen Interceptor III, with its 7.2 litre V8.

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