Thursday, February 6, 2014

American Car Day...Bikes & Mopars

 Rather sinister looking 1981 Chrysler Imperial.
A great day for those of like interests to have a natter.
Very nice standard Dodge Kingsway from 1955.
This bonnet badge suggests it might not pay to race it at traffic lights.
One of my favourites from this era, a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.
You wouldn't go unnoticed in a 2012 Dodge Charger RT8 Superbee of this colour.
1970 was a good year. A Dodge Dart Demon.
Bike enthusiasts were like bees around a honeypot.
Most bikes were Harleys, of course.
Originally Harley called them V-rods, but I'm not sure what the latest derivative of this model is known as.
1965 Dodge Monaco.
Dodge Charger R/T from 1969.

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