Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things From Here and There.

Here are a few recent snaps of various subjects.
Last weekend we had a hot rod gathering in town. I didn't get to the official display, partly due to the weather, but I did snap this '48 Chev Fleetmaster Aero Sedan parked on the street.
I've snapped one of Satherley's Kenworth before, but I'm sure another pic,with a load on, won't matter.
This is their 2009 T904.
This Austin was parked in the yard of our local Holden/Suzuki dealer.
It's actually the same age as me.
I will not accept comments on which is in better condition!
Snapped this in the country one day when driving the wheely bin truck.
Nice bright IVECO Stralis of The Moving Company.
Looks quite new, but actually a 2006 model.

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