Friday, January 24, 2020

All Aussie Car Day, Manfeild....Ford (1)

This Falcon Hardtop somehow suits its huge wheels with low profile tyres.
Something I usually don't like on cars of this era.

2010 Falcon is more conservative than the Holdens of the same age, but I like the style.

'69 Falcon.
I quite like the boxy shaped Falcons, but these early ones look like the grille is just punched out of a piece of thin aluminium, and it probably is.

'64 Fairlane.

Two XR8 Falcons. A popular model.

Fairlane still wearing its Queensland plates.

A 1967 Falcon (closest to camera) and a more up market Fairmont from the same year.
Chrome side window frames are the only noticeable difference from this angle.

1971 ZD Fairlane.

XM Falcon hardtop in "tuned" form.

A very tidy Falcon from 1983.
Unfortunately I've never liked this model, I always think the XA to XC models from immediately before this model, were a more modern looking design.

1992 Falcon V8

A well cared for '71 Falcon ute.

1967 Falcon

1964 Falcon in as new condition.

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