Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aussie Car Day, Manfeild...Other stuff.

Here are some of the other than Aussie vehicles (or other than the big three)  displayed and some in the car park.
This was for sale on the side of the road in Feilding.
A replica no doubt, but looks good.

Trio in the car park.

A closer look at the Cadillac on the end.

The Mk3 Zodiac is the pick of the Zephyr/Zodiac range.

A Mini K, so legitimately at an all Aussie meeting.

Studebaker Cruiser is an usual attendee.

Another Mini, this time a Clubman, but I don't think of Australian origin.

1928 Overland Whippet certainly isn't Australian, but what a lovely old car.

Big Impalas were once relative plentiful on our roads.

Falcon track car.

1939 Ford Pickup.

and a 1940 version.

Neat little Escort.

'57 Bel Air 2 door.

65 Mustang convertible.

'68 Mustang "Notchback".

I guess blue is Fords colour, but this 2016 Mustang looks great in red.

The AC Cobra has been the catalyst for numerous replicas. but I don't think this is of Australian origin.

Nice pillarless Impala.

And yet another tidy Mini.

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