Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tui Brewery V8 Day 2019 (2).

'71 Fairlane is similar to the Falcon of the same year, but with different
panels at front and back and a longer wheelbase

Buick Skylark from 1965 has very straight lines, typical of that era, but I like it.

Distinctive styling for Ford's '63 Thunderbird.
Front end styling was copied by Ford Great Britain, for the Corsair.

'56 Dodge Custom Royal, suits its colour scheme.

It's hard to believe that Ford Australia didn't build these in very large numbers because they weren't that popular.
Now (partly because of their low numbers) they are very collectible. This 1965 XP is even more desirable, being a V8.

Pony cars from Ford and GM.

'95 Mustang in a very Ford colour.

1989 Silverado.

Two Chevrolet 350s from consecutive years and built by Holden in Australia.

1947 Studebaker Champion is a nice old car and yes, you're right, it isn't a V8.
Flathead six.

The model of Falcon I like, but not so much the bonnet protrusion and
I haven't made up my mind about the wheels.

Just as we were leaving, this VF Valiant Regal with Australian plates (WA I think)  came along the road.

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