Friday, January 24, 2020

All Aussie Car Day, Manfeild....Ford (2).

'71 Fairmont has a better looking grille, in plastic, than the earlier aluminium, but.... favourite, of this body shape, is the open mouth look of the XW of 1969-70.
This Falcon Ute from 1977 is my favourite body shape.
This model is a 351 V8.

Impressive, stacked headlamps of a 1970 Fairlane.

'73 Falcon Coupe.
These models have become very collectable, but I've never liked them as much as the sedan.

This model sedan is the one I like, but ruined by the supercharger scoop.

This is more like it.
Another coupe.
Looks better in this colour.

'65 Falcon sedan.
'66 Falcon coupe or hardtop.
2012 Falcon 302, FG FPV.
'62 Fairlane Coupe is obviously not Australian, with its left hand drive, but it seems a few odd ones slip in.

'71 Falcon GT is probably a replica.
There seems to be more GTs on the road now, than the number Ford produced.

A couple of XT Falcon sedans.
A fairly standard (apart from the wheels) XW station wagon.

And another.

This XT Fairmont wagon was the star of the show for me.
An unusual colour shows up the chrome trim, roof racks and wheels.

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