Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aussie Car Day, Manfeild....Chrysler.

I like Valiants.
Just a bit different to Holdens and Fords.

VF Hardtop in orange and black.

 R/T badgesand a  Pacer colour, but I suspect it may have started life as a standard VG.

Neat installation of a 245 Hemi Six in a VC to replace the slant six.

It is for sale, but needs quite a bit of work to make it really tidy.

Charger with 318 V* looks like it's just left the factory.

Original VG V8.

I never thought the later coupes/hardtops looked as good as the VF and VG models.

VG and VF models seem reasonably popular, but there seems to be far fewer VEs about.

Big roomy VJ Ranger wagon.

Chrysler VJ with 318 V8.

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