Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunbeam Car Club AGM.

The Sunbeam Car Club held their AGM and associated events, based at The Copthorne Solway Park in Masterton this year. I had a look around the motel area on Friday night and discovered that many of the Wellington and Manawatu members weren't arriving till Saturday. So back I went Saturday morning.
Series IIIa Rapier convertible. This was the last model made as a convertible.

Has the look of a Series 2 Tiger, but I was told its actually a Series 1.

Rapier, Tiger, Alpine.

Series V Rapiers had the 1725cc engine, series IV, the 1592, but very difficult to tell the difference.
This one is a Series V.
Many exterior mods here, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some internal ones as well.

Tiger and Rapier came with steel wheels, but I've haven't seen many Tigers with standard rims.
Original tyres were 590x13 cross-plies. I guess they could be quite overcome when the 260ci V8 was let loose !

Series IV Rapier.

Two Sunbeam Alpines. This model was only produced from 1953 to '55 with a 2.2 litre ohv four cylinder.

One doesn't have to own a Sunbeam to be a member of the Sunbeam club.
This is a Hillman Minx convertible....

....and a Mk I Humber Sceptre.

The late Rapiers were very smart in their day, but I still prefer the older body style...

... like this Series IV (1592cc).....

.... or this Series V (1725cc).

This Rapier is a series IIIa.
Note the slightly different grille treatment and the use of 15 inch wheels instead of the later models 13 inch.
Series III and IIIa were virtually exactly the same in appearance, but the series III had the 1494cc engine whereas the Series IIIa had the 1592cc, which was carried through to the Series IV.
My first car was a Rapier like this, but without overdrive. This one here is fitted with overdrive and the car has been in Masterton in the same family for most of its life.

1953 Sunbeam Alpine, was the first of this model.
Basically a two door, convertible version of the Sunbeam Talbot saloon.

In 1959, Sunbeam revived the Alpine name for a smart convertible.
Series I to III of this model had the sharp sloping fins as at the extreme left of picture, but from then on the fins were more restrained like the rest of this row and of course the same body was used for the Tiger as well.

Two Hillman Imps and the Minx Convertible.

Although this is a Series IV it is in the same colours as my own Series IIIa was.

Another view of the Series V shown previously.

This Series V is one of the last of this body shape.
This couple was cleaning their Tiger on Friday night, ready for the concours d'elegance on Saturday.
They bought their car from an American living in NZ who had to sacrifice owning a V8 to please his new found lady who disapproved of its excessive emissions.

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