Friday, March 31, 2017

Junction Vintage Machinery Expo (British Trucks)

In their day these Bedfords were a common farm truck.

Little J1 Bedford appears to be extensively modified.

1912 Leyland with solid tyres is way before my first truck memories.

1912 Leyland's radiator badge.

1962 Leyland originally operated by Rodair was a big rig in its day.
Rodair operated out of Havelock North carrying refrigerated products.

Badge on the '62 Leyland is mounted on the door to the radiator cap.

The Ergomatic cab of the 1979 Leyland Buffalo is strikingly different to the earlier Leyland.

The same cab on an earlier model Leyland. This time a Beaver.
Next to it is a D series Ford.

Before the D series Ford, the Thames Trader was Ford's big truck.
This one a 4 wheel drive model.

Although not blessed with a tilt cab like the D series Ford of the same era, the Bedford TK was never the less a very popular model.

A Bedford TK in articulated form next to its predecessor, the S model.

S model Bedford.

And another TK.

When the steam roller lost traction in the damp conditions, the Scammell Pioneer dragged it with ease.
This Scammell was powered by a 6 cylinder Gardner diesel.

1980 series III Land Rover was decorated with very tall aerials.

Range Rover ambulance and LWB Land Rover with raised roof.

Range Rover with Carmichael 6 wheel conversion.

And another.

A better view of the TK articulated unit.
With no tilt cab, access to the Bedford's engine was from behind the cab with a lift up flap on each side.

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