Sunday, February 26, 2017

British Car Day 2017

British Car Day was held Trentham Park on the 12th of February. Weather was cool and showery, in contrast to past years when burning sun has been the norm.
Morris Minor as it originally appeared in low headlamp form, though normally with plated grille, and a later model with the raised headlamps to meet regulations

This immaculate series III Silver Cloud and S1 Bentley are there every year.

Old Daimler and (relatively) new Jag.

Daimler version of Jaguar's Mk 2.

XK 140 and Mk 2 saloon.

Aunty Rover.

Very tidy Rover Sterling.

More Rovers.

Humber 80 and Hillman Minx. Badge engineering of the same car.

There used to be lot of these on the roads.

Mk 1 Zephyr with whitewalls and black paint looks very smart.

I can remember when you could buy a used one of these for around $100.

I like Mk3 Zephyrs, but my second pick would be a Mk 2.

A triumphant line up.

I've never seen a Sunbeam Tiger on its original wheels.
I guess 260 ci was a bit much for 5.90x13s.

Very clean Sceptre, but personally I like the series 2.

A thumbs-up from a happy Austin driver.

MG made some simple, but neat convertibles, like this Midget....

....and this MGB.

Humber Super Snipe.
A big solid car.

Before Hillman's Hunter, the Super Minx was a popular and well finished family car.

Two lovely Vauxhalls.

Jowett Javelin and very rare Jowett Dragonfly.

Many mighty Morris.

Thames Freighter were common in van and light truck form.

Early Silver Shadow looks better than the later models which have plastic bumpers without overriders.

Another view of the S1 Bentley pictured previously.

A great gathering of British motorcycles, but very hard to photograph when packed tightly together.

Jaguar Mk 2, painted in what looks like regency red.

Superb Mk V Jaguar.

No caption required.

Series V Minx is one of my favourite Rootes models, with series 3 behind.

1947 Austin 8 and 1962 Morris Minor 1000.

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