Saturday, March 18, 2017

WVCC Event.

The Wairarapa Vintage Car Club had a road event on Saturday March, 11. They stopped for lunch at the Masterton Men's Shed, where I just happened to be passing with my camera.
Makes and year of manufacture are varied.

1933 Austin 7 is cute.

Wolseley 6/110 from 1965 was solidly built.

Ford Zephyr Mk 2 taxi is quite unique.

"AUSTEN" plate combines the Austin make with the model Ten.
Manufactured in 1947.

'34 Ford Coupe looked original.

A couple of Fords almost 40 years apart.

Big Austin of 1924.

Morris Minor 1000s used to be common. A great little car, but underpowered by modern standards.

Riley Pathfinder was my pick of the cars present...
One piece rear side windows (no quarter light) and open rear guards (no full covering spat or partial spat) was very modern for its time of production from 1953 to 1957.
Square cornered rear window was replaced by a larger more curved type in the 2.6, 6 cylinder model which replaced the Pathfinder in late 1957, using basically the same body style.

BSA B33 braved the weather.

'65 VW 1200 Beetle.

Rover 3500 checks in.

Morris Minor 1000 with many extras.

There was a time when HQ Holdens were everywhere.

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