Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cruise Martinborough (3)

Mk 1 Zephyr has a lot of period extras. Whitewalls, sunvisor, venetians and dual aerials.
I love these Studebaker hardtops. This one is a 1960 Silver Hawk.
Roadworthy and complete, must be a good start to a restoration.
1966 Wolseley 6/110.
'65 Chev Impala 4 door, looks good with steel rims.
'59 Edsel Ranger from Ford was a poor seller, but a rare car now.
1976 Holden Torana SS is a very collectable car.
'62 Dodge Dart convertible has a face only its mother could love.
'69 Plymouth Road Runner is as very cool car.
Big Cadillac doesn't look like the car for doing a quick U turn.
'56 Bel-Air Sports Coupe has a number of extras, as well as rare fuel injection.

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