Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cruise Martinborugh (1)

Yesterday Cruise Martinborough had a party and live band in the Farriers car park in Masterton and of course, a display of the entered cars.
How low............
..............can you go ?
1959 Pontiac Star Chief shows how ugly...can be beautiful.
This rego plate previously adorned a Chrysler 300C, but now has moved to a 2010 Dodge Challenger.
Confirmed Mopar fans.
Mid 60s Corvette with its happy waving owner, but wife about to stifle his enthusiasm.
Jaguars nicest saloon. So much neater than the bulging Mk 10.
1968 Jaguar 420.
Fordson pickup was much modified.
Holden HR looks standard, apart from the rims.
1973 Plymouth Barracuda is a good looker and....
....a manual !
1970 Ford Falcon looks like it means business with that square jawed face.

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