Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cruise Martinborough (2)

Some more from the Friday party.
1960 Chev Bel-Air Sport Sedan was one of two very similar cars.
Cora looked mean.
I like these old Chevy trucks, but not so keen on the colour of this one.
1959 Apache.
Young lady bursts out of early 40s Ford truck.
Bel-Air 4 door sedan. '56 would be my favourite of the so-called "Hot Ones".
Chrysler Valiant Hardtop was clean, but a bit grey for my taste.
This photo doesn't do justice to the appearance of the 2015 Corvette.
More European than American, I reckon.
Interior is stunning as well.
Many years ago when I worked for Vic's Subaru, our forecourt Manager had a Rambler of this model and colour.
 I wondered if it might be the same car, but I don't think his was a V8.
1978 Chrysler Regal CM still looks as good as the day it was new.
2007 Dodge Charger RT is bright.

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