Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UK Truck Photos

Some years ago I purchased a large number of photos from an ex truck enthusiast who had been swapping pix with a UK enthusiast. Therefore the following are not taken by me.
This twin steer Atkinson was originally a two axle Borderer, but was converted to this configuration by John Killingbeck to meet changing axle load regulations.At the time of this photo it was owned by Kevin Dennis Transport of Skegness. Power is by Gardner driving through a David Brown transmission.

AEC Mandator in Christian Salvesen livery.

This two axle ERF KV was being used to transport fairground equipment.

This model of  ERF is quite unfamiliar to me. I thought only the KV (previous picture) used this style of grille.

In NZ Scammell Crusaders were all tandem drive, day cabs powered by Detroit two strokes. This single drive sleeper cab model is Rolls Royce powered.

Scammell Explorers were used by many of the armed forces of the Commonwealth, including New Zealand. They were renowned for their incredible axle articulation.

A restored AEC Mercury from 1957. Painted in the livery of mcGeehans from County Derry in Ireland.

Nice old A series ERF with 220 Cummins power.

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The Old Vic said...

I too have never seen an ERF like that one before, even though I was driving trucks (lorries) in England at that time. The cab looks the same as the cab on the Austin/Morris FE models; maybe it is, as the Pommie truck makers used to a lot of cab-sharing in those days.