Saturday, June 16, 2012

More NZ Trucks

A few more older photos from various places.
The trailers on these Car Haulaways units were mounted on a sliding 5th wheel to allow them to be slid up to the truck for unloading, as the decks on the trucks were fixed. Mack MCE.

"The Beast" was a White Road Commander of Stock Transporters. I believe it was originally supplied as a day cab and then converted to a sleeper locally.

A brand new Renault makes it's New Zealand debut. An impressive cab that was thrust on to the NZ market under the advertising slogan "Le Truck". They came and they went fairly quickly.

Middle-weight Japs are extremely popular in NZ. This Hino FF173 pulls a semi full of light fittings.

Britton's house movers Mack R688RST from 1982.
Snapped in Wanganui.

Another MCE Mack. Caltex depot in Palmerston North.

This ERF was on the sales lot of used trucks at Motor Truck Distributors in Palmerston North.

A new Nissan for Clinton Transport.
Clinton is located at the southern end of the South Island where the temperatures can plummet during winter.

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Geoff said...

Your a legend. Photo 1, thats me holding the bullbar of my dads MC Mack. Wellington truck parade. Awesome. That photo is about 30 years old.
Stoked to see it.