Thursday, June 28, 2012


Last weekend we made a flying visit (literally) to Blenheim. There was no opportunity for truck photos, but here is what I did snap.
The west coast of the North Island under the wing of a Soundsair Cessna 208.
Makara at the bottom of picture.

Approaching the runway at Blenheim from the east.

You can't visit Marlborough without visiting the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. The displays are unbelievable and the photos don't do it justice. My wife appears oblivious to the dog-fight going on over her left shoulder.

This is part of a scene depicting a German and a British pilot shaking hands after the British pilot has been shot down and has crashed in a tree. The German pilot has landed nearby in the snow.

A British soldier souvenirs a swaztika from the Red Baron's Fokker Triplane which has crashed and brought the Baron to his end.

A long time since I have seen one of these. I can almost hear the Bristol Hercules radials winding up.

The Marlborough country-side is always pleasant.

The hills south of Blenheim always look dry, even in Winter.

A touch of snow shot from a moving car near Ward, where we stayed.

Green patchwork as we head back to Wellington.

The Wairau River spills into Cloudy Bay.

This is Wellington Airport coming in steeply from the south. That's the centre-line of the windscreen to the left...No we are not turning, that's the amount of left rudder needed to keep us lined up in the cross wind. 

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The Old Vic said...

Agreed, Trev, Omaka is a must see. The display is magnificent, as you would expect since Peter Jackson amd Weta Workshop had a hand in it. What surprised me is that quite a number of the WW1 aircraft are in flyable condition and are still flown occasionally.

Also worth a visit is the Brayshaw Heritage Park just along the road which has, amongst other things, a huge collection of vintage tractors and other farm machinery.