Friday, June 8, 2012

Mystery Car.

Can anyone tell me what the car is at the beginning of the Werther's Original Caramels TV commercial?
 It has to be European........ I'm thinking DKW, NSU or something like that and probably 1950s.


The Old Vic said...

That Werther's car has got me stumped; I feel I should know it but I don't. You would expect it to be German as Werther's is a German company but I don't think it is a DKW or NSU. It looks more like a Goggomobil but their little saloon car didn't have a front grille.

Trev Jones said...

It looks like Old Vic is right on the money. I have found a picture of a Goggomobil T250 on the net with a grille. It appears the grille may have been a "dress-up" accessory.