Monday, February 6, 2012

VCC Wanganui (6)

Although boxy and built like a tank, the Volvo 242 GT of 1979 has a purposeful apprearance with its alloy wheels, two doors, front air-dam and inset driving lamps. I remember similar models to this racing in the Wellington waterfront street races and doing very well.

The unmistakeable interior of a Morris Minor 1000 convertible.
simple but functional. 

A line-up of Peugeots. 404,403 and 504. In the past I once worked for a Peugeot dealer and I remember the 4 cylinder engines of these models being particularly reliable.

With 2 doors, but space for rear passengers, the Mercedes SLC range is a classy ride. I especially like the louvres in the rear side glass. Unfortunately not visible in this photo as it has been covered by a panel display the participants number.
This example is one of the smaller engined 280s.

There was also a Meccano display at the event. A lot of effort had gone into this 1947 AEC Regal.

A big 8-wheeler which looks to be based on a Foden FG.

Nice simple interior of the Mercedes Benz 190SL, which ca be compared with....

...the typically American "space-age" interior of the 1959 Chev Corvette.

There were rides in a trailer towed by a 1907 Burrell.

Another fine Meccano effort. Based on a Dennis, I would guess.

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