Saturday, February 18, 2012

British Car Day (2)

Further pictures from the day at Trentham.
1968 Austin Mini Cooper with fat tyres and big flares.

Interior of the same Cooper has a very special steering wheel.

In the car park. Do you prefer V-twin or boxer twin?

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton.

Ooops There seemed to be a few foreigners present.

The bland interior of Joe Morris's Morris 1800.
Joe has a large collection of driveable cars and bikes.

Twin cam Escort interior looks a bit more like a driver's car.

Some more foreigners: A 1964 Falcon Futura and a 1965 version.

1958 Chev smiles at the little Brit.

MG TB with tacho in front of driver and speedo to scare the passenger.
It doesn't seem long ago that everyone's aunty had one of these.

Hillman Imps were a popular alternative to Minis in NZ.
Minis won in the end. There are more of them still on the road than Imps.

Mini Mokes are very rare now.

Riley Elfs and the similar Wolseley Hornets were also popular alternatives to the Mini.
This one must be noisy, judging by the driver's actions.

The MG 1100 leaves the show.

Although British bikes were also part of the show, this one belongs to a spectator.
Non existant side stand meant that a wall had to suffice.

Vicious guard dog protects these two bikes.

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