Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MG Rally continued.

As promised, here are some of the other MGs from the national rally

A row of MGAs with a Magnette at the far end.

This 1961 MGA Mk I was my pick of the show. Superbly applied red paint, satin silver wheels and white-wall tyres made it look "just right".

Rear of the same vehicle...

...and the interior.

A 1960 Magnette with non-standard wheels.

Head down and arse up seems to be the only way to stash luggage and tools behind the seat of a 1951 TD.

The Wanderer is a well known 1948 TC which has travelled all over the world.

Side view of a TD, this time a 1950 example.

A MGTF of 2004 with its mid mounted engine, was produced when MG was part of the Rover group.

The newest MG present was this 2012 MG 6 Magnette, produced by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation which now owns the MG name.
Power is by 1.8turbo and NZ price is apparently around $35,000 with lots of "bells and whistles".

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