Sunday, February 19, 2012

Corvette Nationals

Here are a few snaps from the Corvette Nationals held in Masterton on the weekend of 18/19 February. There was no official public show so these pics were taken at Copthorne Solway Park Motor Inn, where most of them were staying.
Please excuse the lack of depth in the captions, but I didn't get details of all I photographed.
There was very little difference visually in Corvettes from '58 to'60.
Without louvres in the bonnet this is not a '58, so must be '59 or '60.

I believe this is a '64.

I like the "coke-bottle" bodies from about '68 through to about '83, but the earlier models of this series looked the best. This example must date from around '69.

A later model of the "coke-bottle" series. About 1980 I would say.

The rego plate hints that this is a '63.

With these later models I don't know much about identifying their year.


Interior of a '70s model with manual transmission.

In 2003 Chevrolet commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Corvette. The above model is a Corvette from that year with a body designed to recall some of the styling of the original '53 model. I'm not sure if this is a one-off or whether they were built in small numbers. Either way it is a rarity in NZ.

Interior of the above beast is!

Here's the rear.

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