Friday, December 8, 2017

Recent Snaps.

My favourite Sunbeam Rapier turned up at my workplace again this week. Still in original un-restored condition.

Very tidy D series Ford on the street. It's the same model as I drove in my first driving job.
Looks to be a mobile home with storage for the log burner fuel stored alongside the diesel tank.

First quick ride of the summer wasn't very long, due to the heat.
This is the mini grandstand at the Eketahuna Rugby Club.

L-o-n-g wheel base furniture truck on a Hino chassis.

Quad-quad International of McAuley's Transport.

Second hand Kenworth getting the Burling livery at the paint shop.

Triumph racing saloon.

Immaculate Mitsubishi Starion called into our work place recently.

Tidy HQ Holden on the street in Martinborough.

Rover for sale at a classic car sale yard.

Old Morris Oxford still in use.

Ford Escort van in Wellington.

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