Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunbeam Car Club 37th Annual Lake Ferry Excursion (1).

After going along to have a look at this event last year, I enjoyed it so much I went back again this year. Maybe next year I'll take the bike and join the ride.
TR7 arriving, trying to find a park.

Not a car that is often thought of as one to preserve, this 1974 Morris Marina estate is immaculate.
It is fitted with the B series 1.8 litre engine.

'84 Pontiac TransAm needs some paint touch-up.

'74 Triumph Stag was a dream car to own in its day.
Although they got a reputation for engine problems due to over heating, this has been shown to be mostly caused by poor assembly practices by British Leyland at the time.

2013 Chev Camaro has the 6.s litre V8.

6.4 litres of '69 Mustang.

1982 Mercedes Benz 280SLC.
The car to have if you've always wanted an SL, but need rear seats.
The 2.8 six cylinder is less powerful than the V8s, but also less complicated and less thirsty.

1937 Austin is quite a big car .
1924 3 litre Bentley.

1964 Daimler 2.5 litre V8.
As beautiful as a Mk 2 Jag, but with that lovely V8 burble.

1930 Chevrolet Sedan.

1966 Ford Anglia van looks modern with its mag wheels and bright paint.

Ford Zephyrs of Mk 1, 2 and 3 seem to be the most desirable, so its nice to see a smart Mk 4.
In this case a Zodiac.

1966 Mini Cooper S has the twin carb 1275cc engine.
Unusually, this one has quarterlight windows in the doors which I thought were only found on Australian models which also had recessed door handles.

Lovely '37 DX Vauxhall.

LIP Vauxhall in two door convertible form, I'm guessing is an Australian model.

Ford F100 from 1951 has a few mods.

Ford Anglia from 1967 looks to be stock standard.
There used to be a lot of these on the road.

Having owned two Suzuki GS850s myself, Trev and I had a lot to talk about.
Here his 850 with sidecar looks away while Trev writes down the address of this blog.

'65 Ford Cortina is very smart with its Rostyle wheels.

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