Wednesday, April 12, 2017

River City Park Up...1 (The Brits)

The River City Park Up, last weekend, in Whanganui was well worth the gold coin entry fee.
Firstly the British contingent.
1952 Jaguar XK 120 with its mouth open.

BMC 's 1100 and 1300 range were popular models in the 60s and 70s.
This one is an Austin 1300 from 1971

1937 Vauxhall DX.

The big BMC front wheel drive, a Morris 1800 of 1967.

6 cylinder cars were popular in the 60s. As well as Holden, Ford and Chrysler from Australia, there were a few British models. At the cheaper end were Vauxhall's Velox and Cresta and from Ford the Zephyr like this 1964 Mk 3 model. 

To the Jaguar purist the V12 models don't have the same lines as the original E-type, but I do like the way the wider wheels fill out the wheel arches.

The rego plate tells much of the story.

MGB GT and Austin-Healey Sprite.

Morris Minors and an Austin A35.

1952 Riley RMB.

1938 Ford 7Y saloon.

Morris Minor 1000 van with wheels a little wider than the standard fitment.

1952 Vauxhall Velox.

MG Metro never quite sold in the numbers that the BMC 1100 and 1300 range did.

Quite hard to tell the age of a Morgan. This is a 1957 1400cc.

Nice Ford Cortina Ghia model with 4.1 litre six.

1963 Rover 110. These weren't fast or economical, but they were quiet and smooth riding.

Austin A35 in commercial form.

From Jaguar came the Daimler Double-Six (V12) in Vanden-Plas form.

Two popular Austins in their times.
The A 35 and the Austin 7.

Vauxhall Cresta of 1956 vintage.

1948 Jaguar 1.5 saloon.

A good display from the Triumph enthusiasts.

This Sunbeam Imp of 1970 was an up-market version of the more common Hillman model.

Mag wheels don't always look right on cars of this era, but this one I like.
A Hillman Minx in its other guise as a Humber 80, for the NZ market only.

Singer Gazelle with slightly widened rims.

Singer Vogue with its much squarer lines which weren't as appealing as the Gazelle, in my view.

Humber's Super Snipe was a big and reasonably luxurious model.

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