Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Aussie Stuff.

Paul has sent more photos taken through the windscreen as he gets about in Northern Queensland. His last correspondence told me he wouldn't be going very far for a few days as he was hemmed in by floods, caused by Cyclone Debbie. Unfortunately Paul's camera isn't of very high quality so I apologise for the lack of sharpness if you try to enlarge for a closer look.
A Followmonts Kenworth COE with B-double, heading north on the Bruce Highway at Mount Elliot.

Kenworth conventional with a 40' fridge container on its flat deck trailer.

Western Star with tri-axle reefer.

Freightliner Coronado with tri-axle flat deck with typical Australian  "gate" at the end of the deck
Old International S-line with tri-axle curtain side.

Western Star B-double hauling under the CEVA name.
CEVA logistics operates in 160 countries throughout the world, including New Zealand

Rigid 6 wheeler Kenworth fuel tanker on Beach Road in Ayr.

A Markwells Western Star with digger passing through roadworks on the Bruce Highway.

Mack Titan with triple road train turning on to the Bruce Highway from Port Road hauling product from Sun Metal Refinery to the port

Paul calls this a Navistar, whereas we tend to still call them Internationals in New Zealand.
Navistar is the company that was formerly International Harvester and markets International trucks.
This one is heading south on the Bruce Highway at the Barratta's roadworks.

Older model Freightliner heading towards Charters Towers on the Flinders Highway with some sort of pressure vessel.
The pressure vessel is mounted inside a frame which can attach to  twist locks so it can be mounted on any truck or trailer equipped to carry containers.

Flinders Highway again, a Volvo Globetrotter and triple road train.

Australian Army S-line International with low loader trailer on Flinders Highwat at Stuart.
Note the trailer axles are in two groups of two.

Triple fuel tanker road train at the corner of  Flinders and Bruce Highways.

Only two axles on the drop frame trailer behind this Kenworth, suggests relatively lightweight freight.

Day cab Kenworth with 2 containers spread over its B-double configuration.

In New Zealand our car haulers usually come in two forms. Either a full semi-trailer, with all the cars carried on the trailer, or a long tractor unit carrying 3 or 4 cars with a semi trailer attached over or behind the drive axle to carry the rest. But this one is unusual (by NZ standards) in that it has a full semi-trailer of cars, but with one car mounted over the tractor.
Tractor is a Mack.

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