Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cars and Trucks.

A few snaps I've taken in various places.
Murray supplied this photo of a nice VG Valiant Safari that turned up as his work.

Big camper on a Ford F3500 4x4 parked near my work recently.

Morris 1000 on the street.

DAF unloading at Countdown supermarket, Masterton.

Smart Jaguar Mk 2 manual 3.8 at Woodville.....

....Armstrong Siddeley in the same yard.

Unloading workmen's huts at Countdown, Masterton for the forthcoming alterations and extensions.

Bentley S3 at Hood Aerodrome.

My niece's husband recently bought this very nice CL Valiant Regal....

....and the interior.

Quality Demolition Kenworth passing while I was taking snaps at another event.

Loaded Volvo at Seaview.

MAN at Seaview.

Flatdeck Scania ready for a load at Petone.

Kenworth parked in a yard at Waingawa, Masterton.

Scania fleet of Renalls at Waingawa, Masterton.

Kenworth logger on a flatdeck at Waingawa.

Dave Bell Mack staying overnight at Masterton Motor Lodge.

"The Hulk". Mercedes Benz of Marc Kumeroa for Martinborough Transport

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