Saturday, April 15, 2017

River City Park Up 3....(All the Rest)

With no rego plate and no name badges, I can only assume this is a Russian motorcycle.
Fairly modern instruments and seat, but drum front brake and side valve, early BMW replica motor.
I'm guessing at maybe a Ural, Dnepr or Cossack.

I forgot to include this in the Brits.
Lovely old Dennis fire appliance in New Plymouth Fire Brigade livery.
Many British commercial vehicles of this time were diesel powered, but like this example, fire appliances were generally petrol powered for their superior speed and acceleration.

Superbly restored Villa.
Villas were built from the late 1960s by the Villa brothers ,who specialized in two stroke race bikes.
I'm not sure of the exact model of this twin, but I know they built a 125cc single which revved to over 11,000rpm and was capable of some 118mph ! 

I've never driven a Citroen 2CV, but I've always loved the simplicity of their mechanicals and cheeky looks.

As an ex VW mechanic, it's good to see an old 1966 VW 1300 like I regularly worked on.
1300s like this were the last model to come to NZ with the sloped headlamps and 6 volt electrics.

In 1968 (in NZ) the 1500 was introduced with the upright headlamps and 12 volt electrics.
I have owned one of these and with its rear camber compensator (stabilizer bar) it was a surprisingly good handler.
The next beetle model to be introduced on the NZ market was the 1600cc, but curiously named 1302S.
These had a fully independent rear with double jointed axles (as opposed to swing axles) and MacPherson struts at the front.
Road holding was superb, but I have heard experts say that the handling balance was still superior on the 1500.

An old type 2 in this sort of condition is worth a lot !

A good selection of beetles present.

Another '66 1300 with many extras.

The top chop on this beetle had been very well executed.

1972 Saab 96 is fitted with the 1500cc Ford V4 engine, unlike earlier models which used Saab's own 3 cylinder 2 stroke power plant.
However, despite its advancement to 4 strokes it still retains the earlier models front wheel drive and free-wheeling device.

A nicely presented Volkswagen Karmann Ghia seems like it should be powered by something more exotic than the humble air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer.

The Taipan is a kitset car designed to be built on a shotened VW chassis and using a VW power plant in what ever capacity or state of tune, one desires.
This is listed as being 1298cc, but if it is a standard 1300 VW it should actually be 1285cc.

1995 Toyota Century is 4 litre V8 powered, but with a different engine to that used in the 4 litre Lexus models.
Whereas the Lexus engine has twin overhead cams per bank, the Century engine uses a single central cam and push-rods to activate its valves.

The Whanganui DHB had a display towed by this smart, but simple liveried Freightliner Argosy.

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