Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Keep on Truckin'

Some recent truck photos.
Freightliner logger on Masterton's Chapel Street.

Kenworth not far behind.

New Mack in the yard at MTD in.Palmerston North.
Low profile tyres makes those wheels look ridiculously small.

And an 8 wheeler.

Kenworth through Otaki.

Another KW in the opposite direction.

Old V8 Scania, still working.

Lightweight Scania single drive.

Freightliner heavy.

MAN with a few axles to share the load.

A MAN with even more axles.

6 vehicles on the back and the cab still looks enormous.

Linfox Mercedes-Benz leaving Countdown supermarket in Masterton.

International Eagle of J.D.Hickman whose head office is in New Plymouth.

Another single drive Scania.

Pinfolds have been based in the Wairarapa and carrying stock since 1919.

Stock trucks, like this Freightliner are a common sight on NZ roads.
This one belongs to Glen Oroua Livestock who are based in Manawatu.

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