Sunday, February 5, 2017

All American Cars.

Moonshine Hot Rod Club's All American Ca Day was held at Trentham Racecourse today. Here are the images I managed to capture.
What I would call the original hot rod.

Mustangs around '69, 70 were the nicest looking.

Big, handsome T'bird.

'66 Mustang still looks good today.

Love this car, but....'s a pity it has bench seats and column change.

'58 Chevys are bigger than the '55,'56,'57, but still a good looker.

Big Lincoln has enormous front overhang.

Paint like a mirror.

I don't normally appreciate hot rods, but this is cool.

Lower the car and the caravan too.

I'm still not into matt paint.

1955 De Soto Diplomat.

One of my favourites.

I don't think they came out like this !

The nicest of the Tri-Chevys.

Work in progress.

'53 Kaiser Manhattan is a rarity.
First time I have seen one in the flesh and it's the same age as me.

Hudson is impressive on the outside....

....and the inside.

Now that's original.

Ford Country Squire.

Plymouth Valiant Signet is mechanically the same as the Australian Chrysler Valiants in NZ.

Even the inside is familiar.

Another shot of that magnificent Kaiser.

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Another shot of that Mercury, this time from the sunny side.

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