Monday, January 2, 2017

Morris 8.

The Morris Eight Tourer Club of New Zealand held their annual gathering in Masterton this year, over New Year. I managed to catch up with some of them as they returned to The Highwayman Motel, where they were staying.
The only new car my father ever owned was a 4 door saloon similar to this, but with the sloping headlamp glass.

The club was started for Morris 8 Tourer enthusiasts, but you don't need to own one to join.
The Tourer on the left is having a wash after the days outing with extra protection for the top to save having to mop up any leaks.

My Dad's saloon had headlamps like this 2 door.
Here's a couple of photos of the actual car that Dad owned.

Oversized tyres on this '36 model.

Series E Tourer and 2 door saloon.

Two Tourers in white and probably around 20 years apart in age.
Although strictly speaking the Morris Minor is a Convertible as it has the fixed rear side windows introduced in June 1951.

A Morris Minor 1000 "Woody".
The wood rotted, but the rear section of the roof, in aluminium, didn't.

The last of the Morris Eights and the first of the Morris Minors, shared the same 918cc  side valve engine.
It was very reliable, but unfortunately not very powerful.

The later Morris Minors, of course, had the 948cc overhead valve engine.
The very last Minors (still called Minor 1000) used the 1098cc engine as used in the Morris/Austin 1100 range.

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