Sunday, January 29, 2017

All Aussie Car Day...Holden

Here are the Holdens I snapped at the All Aussie Car Day.
Pristine Monaro HK in 327ci form.
I think this colour was used in the advertising when they were first released.

Commodores were plentiful.

Holdens wouldn't have been anything without their utes.

Torana hathces seem to be something enthusiasts love or hate.

I don't like photographing cars with their bonnets open, but sometimes there is no choice and.... does give one an opportunity  to look at an immaculate engine bay.

HQ Monaro 253 was as new from the front...

...on the inside and...

...from the rear.

HQ sedans were an important model for Holden.

Toranas were popular, but have thinned out over the years.

Earlier body Torana was smaller (and less roomy inside), but I think they had more character.

Some long wheelbase luxury models were branded as Chevrolet.

I've always had a bit of a lean towards white cars.

Another ute and...

....another Monaro.

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