Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cruise Martinborough 2017.

I managed a 2 hour lunch on Friday to snap the display at The Farriers car park of the cars in this years Cruise Martinborough.
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.
All the roadrunner's of this era looked similar, but I consider this model (1970) to have the nicest frontal treatment.

The Chrysler Valiant Charger must be one of the best Australian creations.

1977 Dodge Aspen is unusual.

Mustangs new and old.

Late 50s American pick-ups are cool.

'65 Mustang's sides are like a mirror.

Not many utes of this model left.

El Camino in bright yellow couldn't be missed.

Two door Chevy looks just right.

Plymouth is low, but otherwise fairly standard looking.

HR Holden in X2 (twin carb) form was an automatic with individual front seats.

Love this body style. Roadrunner, blue....

....and Roadrunner orange


Paint was very deep on this Ford.

I've never liked the "gunsights"on the '57 bonnets.
Much prefer the '56

Nice Chevy...horrible matt black paint.

My favourite of the tri-Chevys, a '56 Bel-Air....

....a '56 Two-Ten....

...and a '56 Bel-Air Nomad.

I remember fitting tyres to these when they were relatively new.
Mag wheels were a common option as the original equipment was a bit skinny.

Heavy breathing Chevy truck.

Another neat 50s pick-up.


They used to be common, but not many tidy examples around now.

'55 Hudson Jet Liner

I drool over this Jaguar 420 with 4 speed MOD every time I see it.

The same '56 as seen side-on further up.

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