Sunday, January 29, 2017

All Aussie Car Day...Ford

The All Aussie Car Day was held at Manfeild on Saturday 28th January. I've never been to this event before, but will certainly go again. Here is a selection of the Fords that were present.
I like the boxy body style....

...much better than....

....the later...

....more swoopy body.

Lovely car.

If this decal isn't the original, I'm sure someone is reproducing accurate replicas.

I've never been a fan of black cars, but somehow I find this appealing.

Australian car manufacturers often fitted largerr engines than the parent company originally installed.
Here is a Cortina with factory fitted Falcon 6 cylinder.
Looks like it was meant to be.

A recent import, still wearing its Aussie rego.

i think this was the best looking model in this body style.
I just love that big open mouthed grille.

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