Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Bit of Everything

I've always been intrigued by Bedford's VAL coach of the 1960s.
It seemed a logical way to get a large coach, but keep it low and eliminate wheel arch intrusions.
It got me thinking had anyone else made a twin steer bus or coach.
This Plaxton bodied model from
I was surprised to discover that Neoplan make this Megaliner. Not only twin steer at the front but tandem rear end with steering on the fourth axle as well. This example pictured in Japan.
Stretched limo not big enough for you?
A Californian company has this "limo" which can carry 40 partying people and is equipped with a pole....for pole dancing!.
In town yesterday I saw this 1948 Bentley being trailered.
Maybe for repairs or perhaps to a new owner.

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