Monday, January 19, 2015


Wings Over Wairarapa was held this weekend and one of my daughters managed to score some free tickets. Here is a sample of what was there.
Dave Phillips is said to be the best Tiger Moth pilot in the world.
He showed his skill by throwing this example of de Havilland's DH82 all over the sky without it falling apart.
A silent aerobatic routine was performed by this DG 1000S glider of the Wanganui Manawatu Gliding club..
The North American P51 Mustang always looks impressive.
Another North American product, the Harvard, passes with that familiar crackle from its prop.
A Yak 52 taxis out.
The two seater  de Havilland Vampire streaks across the clouds, upright......
.....and inverted.
The Bell Iroquois performed a "goodbye", as the RNZAF is phasing them out to be replaced by the new NH90.
Although the Air force intends to keep a couple of "Hueys", as the Americans call them, for display purposes.
The NH90 also had its own display including a demonstration of its winching capabilities.
The Hughes 500 is commonly used in NZ in all kinds of roles.
This one performed a routine which left no-one in doubt of its capabilities
The Corsair shows off its cranked wings, which enabled it to have a short stable under carriage, but still keeps its massive propeller clear of the ground.
Although most Corsairs are remembered as being a Chance Vought product, this one is a Goodyear example.
Corsair production was 4631 by Chance Vought, 2485 by Goodyear and a further 735 were produced by Brewster.

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