Monday, January 26, 2015

Wheels at WoW

Wings Over Wairarapa featured a large contingent of military vehicles. Here are some snaps of them; and other vehicles in the car park.
Half-track looks at home in the "desert"conditions,
I don't know much about tanks, but these guys looked as though they were having an enjoyable time.
Heavy-weight 1973 Kaiser (American Motors) M81.
The cab styling of this vehicle was produced by more than one American manufacturer for their military, including Mack.
They all looked the same, so you need to be an expert to determine whose factory made each individual example.
This one is an ex NZ Army tractor (they had eight of these in the 70s/80s), used for long haul operations and training
The truck behind is a Canadian Chevrolet from 1943.
1962 Jaguar 3.4 was parked next to....
....this 1935 Ford V8 sedan.
Ford Zephyr Mk IV was from 1969.
There were some mechanical problems with the V6 engines, but Ford must have got them sorted as I don't recall too many hassles with the Capri V6 models.
The Lotus Elan 2+2  from 1972 was one of my dream cars when I was a teenager.
Lots of people in one place produces a lot of effluent.
Spik'n'span had their 2004 Kenworth T350 there to cart it all away.

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