Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Richards & Osborne

Richards & Osborne of Fraddon in Cornwall were obviously big users of the Seddon Atkinson breed. I am not sure if the company still exists as there seems to be little information on the net.
These are more of my collection from unknown snappers.
Seddon Atkinson 3.11 6 wheeler with day cab.
3.11 tractor with sleeper.
Day cab Strato 325 tractor day cab.
Strato 350 sleeper.
8 wheeler  (3.11 I think)
Another 8 wheeler of slightly earlier vintage I would guess. A 301 ?
Just to show they weren't all Seddon Atkis, here is an E model ERF.
And even a non British truck. The 1990 truck of the year Mercedes Benz's Power Liner.
C series ERF.
A Powerliner again. Rego only one digit away from the previous Benz.
6x4 301 6 wheel tipper.
A 6x2 Strato. The white livery appears to supersede the green.

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