Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Old Trucks Retired, Restored or Re-used.

More from the UK collection. Photographers unknown.
Foden 4DL6/24 looks as if it's had a fairly hard life.
May be still in use, but not by a driver who uses  his offside mirror.
This Dennis, with its Ogle designed cab, has probably carried its last load of refuse.
AEC Marshal is (maybe) having an easier life carrying circus equipment.
Restored in 1971 says the signage on the side of this old ERF.
This model of Leyland, I believe, was originally used as a military recovery wagon.
This one looks as though it still does recovery, but not for the military anymore.
Does anyone know the model?
Carrying a generator and towing a trailer tells me it's a fairground or circus truck.
Scammell Handyman with the Michelotti designed fibre-glass cab.
Fairground gear load for this smart ERF A series.
Another circus or fairground rig. The unmistakable huge headlamps of the Foden S80 cab.
1956 Bristol HA6 and semi-trailer, has been restored in the BRS green livery.

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